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Looking for a Vape Shop in Palm Bay or Melbourne? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Dripped Out Vapers. Established in 2016, Dripped Out Vapers is quickly becoming Brevard County’s spot for exclusive vape gear, e-liquids, custom vape mod accessories. We are proud to join the vape nation and to offer outstanding service to our customers.

Most of all, Dripped Out Vapers is pleased to carry a wide range of vape mods, vape juice, and vape mod building supplies.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist beginners to vaping as well as the experienced cloud kickers.

Our store carries a wide range of vape equipment including rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA’s), rebuildable dripper atomizers (RDA’s) and just about everything in between. We have a large selection of tanks, mods, and e-liquids guaranteed to satisfy the discerning customer. Dripped Out Vapers is one of three exclusive Brevard County distributors of the extremely popular Purge Mods.


For the past few years we have seen the vaping community change.  It is no longer the small misunderstood “fad” that society believed. Vaping has become one of the fastest growing industries on the plant.  For vapers the growth has been exhilarating.  As the number of vapers swell, the number of tobacco users shrinks.

Furthermore, Dripped Out Vapers makes no claim about the absolute safety of vaping.  We believe its provides a less harmful alternative for those looking to break their dependence on tobacco products. Likewise, vaping is entering the mainstream of cultures throughout the world. A vast- majority of former smokers are turning to vaping as a way to continue to enjoy the sensation without the health risks of carcinogen carrying tobacco smoke.  The only by-product of vaping is water vapor that normally carries the pleasant aroma of the e-liquid flavor.

Most of all, vape clouds do not stink up your clothes, car or house – and it won’t turn your teeth brown.  If you’ve come here to research your options or would like to try – stop by our vape shop.  We will gladly let you sample.


In his his article “10 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping,” Michael Floorwalker points out some common misunderstandings about vaping and an explanation of differences in vaping equipment.

Most people, as Floorwalker notes, think of vaping in terms of “E-Cigs.”  E-cigarettes tend to look more like their tobacco laden cousin (the cigarette) and are extremely limited in choice of nicotine content, flavor and style. While a certain percent of people attempting to kick the habit start at this level, most quickly move to the more fulfilling experience provided by true vape equipment.

Likewise, e-cigs for the most part are made by major tobacco companies and offer NO alternative to nicotine content.


At Dripped Out Vapers, we can assist you in selecting the right vape accessories and e-liquids to satisfy the urge.  Many of our customers have greatly decreased their nicotine intake by stepping down the percentages over time.  In fact, a good percentage of them are vaping juices with ZERO nicotine content.


No worries - we have you covered.  Dripped Out Vapers carries many brands and flavors of e-liquids from reputable manufacturers.  Our large selection includes juices with nicotine ranges from zero to 12mg. We recognize customer preferences and always have a large assortment of vape juices to suit any palette - tobacco, cigar, custard, berry, citrus, candy – you name it – we have it.  Check out our Services page for a full list of brands and flavors.


Our store and vape shop located in Palm Bay wants to bring new vapers into the community by responsibly educating them.  Dripped Out Vapers is dedicated to providing excellent retail and educational service along with the casual vape lounge all experienced Vapers have come to know and appreciate.  We encourage our customers to interact, be social and support one another.


Monday – Saturday: 10am – Midnight

Sunday: 12pm -6pm.


Drop us an email and claim your spot for free monthly and "special" vape gear giveaways.

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Products in our Vape Shop


Regulated Mods

We carry a full range of regulated mods including Smok Alien and Baby Alien, Dagger, Teslacigs Steampunk, Joyetech and many more. You can see all the brands we stock HERE.


Unregulated Mods

Dripped Out Vapers is your exclusive South Brevard distributor of Purge Mods along with many other brands.  We also carry Angry Italian 50cal Mods and many more you can find HERE.



An entire range of RDA's to suit any need.  We proudly carry Kennedy, Purge, Terminus, Smok, Recoil and Apocalypse just to name a few.  See our entire line of RDA's HERE.


Juices / E-Liquids

An abundant supply of vape juices always in stock. We carry the areas favorites such as Stash, Full Chubbs, Gentlemen's Draw, Patcha Mama, Kings Creast and Coil Butter.  See all our juices HERE.


Assorted Supplies

We are a full service shop offering a variety of supplies to keep you vaping. From coil build kits to wicks and cotton - we have you covered. Need batteries and wire, check our selections HERE.


Beer & Wine

Legal age adults can sit back and relax in our vape lounge while enjoying a full range of domestic and IPA style beer. Or pair your juice with a delicious wine. See our beverage selections HERE.

Need Something Special?

Looking for specific vape product? We have contacts throughout the industry and can help you get the product your looking for. Click the bottun and contact us so we can help!